Checkmk: Download snmpwak for Plugin Development

In case you ask a Checkmk Developer to develop an SNMP based Checkmk Plugin,
the Developer is gone to ask you for a walk of this device.

And this walk should not the one created on the command line with the normal snmwalk command,
but one created by Checkmk himself.

There are two ways to do that, the CLI and the GUI.

Creating a walk in the CLI

  1. Connect to your Server via SSH
  2. Change to your site: su – sitename
  3. Run cmk –snmwalk -v device
  4. Find the walk in ~/var/check_mk/snmpwalks

(The Timeout is since I don’t have the correct credentials for the device, you should not see that errors)

Creating a Walk in the GUI

  1. Look for your device, e.g. in Quick search
  2. Click on the Burger Menue with Check_MK Service
  3. Click Download SNMP walk

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